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What You Should Know About Tool Tracks!

North Coast Electric produces a quarterly publication called Tool Tracks to promote new products and sales promotions. Here are some fun facts:

  • Tool Tracks is in its 11th year of publication. That’s over 3,000 tool offerings to date.
  • The Tool Tracks Mailing has a distribution list of about 6,000 customers.
  • Tool Tracks is automatically priced in our system for the duration of the sales period so you won’t miss out on Tool Tracks deals.
  • Some of our Tool Tracks offerings come from suggestions from our own Associates.
  • Tool Tracks introduces at least 5 new tools to the market place every issue.
  • The Tool Division researches selling prices in each market area, enabling Tool Tracks to remain competitively priced.
  • Many items on Tool Tracks include a lower than standard cost, which helps us compete with Big Box stores, tool houses and other electrical distributors and get you the most savings.
  • Tool Tracks has a guaranteed sales clause allowing Service Centers to return any tool item 60 days after the sale period has ended.
  • Not all Service Centers receive all the Tool Tracks items. Service Centers receive a small, medium or large store size mix according to sales.
  • Many of the Tool Items featured on Tool Tracks are purchased in bulk or quantity buys to ensure best cost.
  • It takes 3 months start to finish to create each Tool Tracks issue.

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Written By: Tony Papasedero, Tool Division Manager. Tony is an expert in tool trends and technology.