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Washington State’s First Energy Transfer Merchant Goes Live!

Cutting the ribbon between now and then.

We have been working on the installation and commissioning of the first Energy Transfer Merchant in Washington State. Last week, in the parking lot at our corporate support center in Seattle, we cut the ribbon and celebrated the completion of Phase 1 which includes a solar canopy and electric vehicle charging stations. It has been an interesting experience in many ways.

First it was interesting to be first-hand involved in getting it built. The logistics of going from feasibility to function are daunting. There are so many details to attend to even for a little project like ours. The non-stop decisions about, permits, signatures, drawings, materials additions deductions, schedules positioning, etc, etc. ip info . make it hard for me to imagine how anyone ever builds a skyscraper. But I learned that good partners with experience are the key. We had them. Of particular note was our installation partner McKinstry and their project manager Cary. He can work wonders with a Smartphone!

After completing the installation successfully we decided to host a ribbon cutting media event to announce and celebrate our new ETM. This was another new and very interesting experience with a whole new set of details to attend to and decisions to be made. Teamwork was the key here. Our marketing department got together and created a very long but very good tasks and responsibilities list. We then plunged headlong from the world of pipe, wire, light bulbs and electricity to the world of media consultants, caterers, public speakers and Tesla Roadsters! The results were good enough to make the news!

And then there’s the Energy Transfer Merchant itself. It is interesting to say the least. We chose to install the ETM to represent our company commitment to sustainable practices because it encompasses a large part of where we think the world is headed. Renewable energy production, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, smart grid, and carbon footprint reduction are all elements of the ETM. Our culture, our industry and our company are all evolving in these directions and the ETM can evolve and adapt with us. It’s also a pretty cool looking gizmo to have in front of your building and anything that can attract Tesla roadsters is definitely interesting to me!

We’re looking forward to completing Phase 2 which includes a bank of batteries and a smart grid interface…that should be really interesting!

If you’d like to check out the installation project and the ribbon-cutting event there’s a gallery of photos here.

You can even view the ETM’s solar canopy power production live here.

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