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Super LED Lighting

Okay, so the Seahawks didn’t quite get it done at the Super Bowl XLIX, but how about those LED sports-lighters…?

The University of Phoenix Stadium was the first venue of its kind to employ high performance LED lighting to illuminate the field. Imagine doubling the light level with less than one-half the number of metal halide fixtures previously used in the stadium, while saving 75% of the energy previously required. 

Check out these “Super Statistics”:

  • The stadium replaced (780) metal halide fixtures with (312) LED fixtures.
  • According to published data, the new LED lights use 310 kilowatts of energy, costing about $47.00 per hour to operate, as compared to 1,240 kilowatts or around $186.00 per hour to operate the previous system.
  • The reduced wattage coupled with:

a.) “lightened” load on the air conditioning system (estimated at 30% savings)

b.)  added efficiency of the light-emitting-diode technology

c.)  reduced maintenance creates an estimated 75% reduction in overall energy consumption and operating expense.  That’s a lot of Super Bowl commercials!

  • The reduced number of fixtures is estimated to have saved over 20,000 pounds of weight on the structural catwalks.
  • The light levels measured on the field doubled with the LED fixtures to 277 footcandles.
  • The LED lights are instant-on, requiring no warming up, or cooling off and warming up in the case of a power outage.  Remember Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans a couple of years ago?
  • Light is effectively projected up to 620 feet from the source, and max/min uniformity improved to 1.2.
Old versus New Fixture Comparison at a Glance
Old Fixtures New Fixtures
Qty 780 metal halide Qty 312 LED
1,240 kilowatts 310 kilowatts
$186.00/ operate $47.00/ operate
138.5 foot-candles 277 foot-candles

**Super stats courtesy of University of Phoenix Stadium and Ephesus Lighting


Written by:  Jeff Jensen, ESD Specialist.  Jeff is the North Coast Electric Company Energy Solutions Division Specialist for Arizona Lighting Solutions.