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Nickle Cadmium vs. Lithium Ion Batteries

Nickle Cadmium vs. Lithium Ion Batteries: Which is better for the long run?

Nickel cadmium batteries are still popular in the industry with a huge footprint of cordless tools being powered by this technology. 73% of cordless tools are still utilizing Nickle cadmium batteries.

However, Lithium Ion is picking up speed. Lithium Ion batteries can provide extended run time, longer battery life with no memory and no discharge for maximum productivity. Lithium Ion tends to weigh quite a bit less than conventional Ni Cad as well.

1. Consider your current tool format performance (Nickle Cadmium) against the run time and battery life of Lithium Ion.

A) Is it a trade off?

B) Does it make sense to stay with Nickle Cadmium until a replacement is needed, then integrate Lithium Ion?

C) Is a lighter tool more effective? More productive? Easier to use?

D) Is it time for a wholesale change from Nickel Cadmium to Lithium Ion?

If you find yourself agreeing, a change to Lithium Ion may be for you. Many manufacturers will work with you to trade in your older format for a new Lithium Ion format. This usually entitles the end user to free tools, reduced costs or a tool exchange.

Written By: Tony Papasedero, Tool Division Manager. Tony is an expert in tool trends and technology.