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NCE Goes to the “GEMBA” with the Mini Kai Launch

North Coast Electric is committed to creating an unparalleled customer experience. We want to get everyone involved in thinking and participating in continuous improvement. So we’re going to the “Gemba”, the source of where the action occurs, to provide an opportunity for all Associates to engage in the quality process at a grass roots level. Who better to improve a process than the person currently doing the job?

The phrase “Mini Kai” means small changes. Small changes for the better can often be completed with very little investment in time and resources yet each improvement, no matter how small, can have a cumulative effect resulting in “big” positive gains company-wide.

The intention of the Mini Kai is to encourage each Associate to come up with ideas, however small, that will improve their job activities, job environment, or a company process. It’s these day to day quality improvements that when added together represent enormous impacts to efficiency, cost reductions, and adding value to the customer experience.

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Written by:  Jeanine Kielb, Director of Organizational Development at North Coast Electric Company. Jeanine is an expert in Quality Improvement and Lean Principles.