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Lighting Up the Parking Lot

Better Light…Less Money

We recently completed an energy efficient lighting upgrade with a partner in Eastern Washington called Firefly Lighting and Design. Firefly is a creative company that is always looking for opportunities to bring value to their clients. They found what they were looking for in the parking lot at the Northpointe Office Building.

The lot had 1000w Metal Halide lights on 40’ poles, a common solution for many parking lots. 1000w Metal Halide is notorious for it’s rapid depreciation in light output so most applications are over-lit to accommodate the dramatic light loss and still provide the light levels needed for the safety of those who park there. same sites Today’s newer electronic solutions can reduce light depreciation significantly thus providing safe light levels along with substantial reductions in energy consumption. Metrolight electronic ballasts did just that for Northpointe.Project highlights include:

  • 63% energy savings
  • 1.6 year project payback after utility rebates
  • Reduced maintenance cost from extended lamp life
  • Improved light quality

You can see further details of the project in the case study here. If you’d like to know more about North Coast Energy Solutions just e-mail us at