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High Tech on the High Seas

Local Team Helps Carnival

This blog entry comes from one of our local Rockwell Automation Solution Providers and North Coast Electric customer and partner; Systems Interface. Located in Bothell, Washington, Systems Interface has been in business for over 25 years, supplying automation solutions for a variety of complicated industrial and commercial applications.

Below is a picture of the disabled Carnival cruise ship Splendis. Off in the distance is one of the most advanced tug boats in the world to the rescue. On that tug boat is the highest performance hawser winch in the world built by Markey Machinery, controls built by Systems Interface Inc. The tug is the SMBC Monterrey, the first of four tugs built in Spain to help berth LNG vessels at Costa Azul, Mexico.

The drive systems on that tug operate high-performance Hawser Winch machines on board four identical Robert Allen LTD designed Escort class ASD tugs that support the Costa Azul LNG facility on the Pacific Coast in Ensenada, Mexico.

This project utilizes 1000HP drive capacity and 1500HP water-cooled brakes with Dual 500HP Allen-Bradley PowerFlex700S drives. Main and Emergency Backup Allen-Bradley CompactLogix assemblies, Allen-Bradley PanelViewCE, Allen-Bradley Point I/O, Redundant/dual media Ethernet network, Data Logging, Allen-Bradley 700 Series relays, Allen-Bradley contactors, Allen-Bradley motor controls, Allen-Bradley 1492 circuit breakers, Allen-Bradley 800H/800F operators, Allen-Bradley terminal blocks, and other associated Rockwell Automation industrial automation components.

During this run up the Mexican coast, Systems Interface Inc. was able to log into the Winch control and Drive system on board the SMBC Tug in Monterrey from our offices in Bothell, WA via a secure Remote Mobile router/cellular connection. While the ship was in transit towing the Cruise Ship, we were able to diagnose a cooling fan overload trip. The remote troubleshooting effort resulted in finding some loose motor t-lead wiring which was tightened up and the issue resolved.

I want to thank all our friends at Rockwell Automation, North Coast Electric and of course our own engineering and manufacturing staff for the work that goes into putting a system of this type together. A great example of what can be accomplished when great firms put their resources together.