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Finding the Right Automation Partner

Finding the right automation partner is a decision that is crucial and unique to each business and greatly contributes to the development of your operation. If you are looking for the right automation partner for your business, one that will increase your productivity, opportunity and potential, what do you look for? The following list highlights the top 5 traits to look for in an automation partner. It is based on an original post titled, “What do you look for in an automation partner?” from January 2014 by Dominic Molloy, Marketing Director EMEA, Rockwell Automation:

  1. Partnership – Choosing the right automation partner is about building a relationship, and finding the right fit for your needs. Find a partner that takes the time to understand your unique needs, is knowledgeable, and fits well with your company’s overall goals and vision.
  1. Capabilities – Make sure that your automation partner is capable of delivering to your needs. The ideal partner will have a good reputation, be accomplished, and offer products, services and solutions that are right for your operation or project.
  1. Considering Your Market Area – It is important that your automation partner has the local infrastructure to support your manufacturing operation at a level that is most relevant to you.
  1. Support and Added Value – It is crucial that your automation partner can navigate safety and compliance procedures and be able to provide you with product, software and safety support.
  1. Peace of Mind – It is important to feel reassured that the equipment you are buying will last and be supported long into the future and that you have access to services that will aid you in the event of downtime.

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Written by: North Coast Automation Solutions. Through its exclusive partnership with Rockwell Automation/Allen Bradley, the NCAS team of Specialists offers automation products, services, and solutions that help NCE customers become more efficient, proactively address safety issues, and reduce costs. Visit their site at