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Energy Solutions is OSHA 10 Certified!

North Coast Electric (NCE) has the first and only fully OSHA certified Energy Solutions Division (ESD) in the Pacific Northwest.  The ESD team of Energy Engineers provide turn-key project development services for commercial and industrial energy projects. ESD team considered safety certification as a requirement for all staff due to the extensive field work, and the critical importance of understanding safety risk when developing energy projects for contractors and end users.

  1. Staff goes home safe at night
  2. Incorporate safety into project development and planning
  3. Develop safer projects for contractors
  4. Develop safer projects for end-users

It all starts with awareness. There is personal relevance as much as a professional relevance to safety training. Whether you’re an iron worker, truck driver, flagger, or homeowner doing home improvements, safety needs to be considered to keep yourself and those around you safe.

After completion of safety awareness training, you can’t help but see the world differently and recognize risk that would have been overlooked prior to training.

Our philosophy is simple: When you start every project with safety in mind, you see the following cascading outcomes:

1) Diligent Safety Planning = 2) Diligent Pre-Task Planning = 3) No Lost Time or Reportable(s) = 4) Quality Delivery = 5) On-Schedule Delivery = 6) Profitability

Clearly there is an undisputed business case for safety!!

Please consider this safety training for your teams. OSHA training can be completed through in-person, and on-line trainings. OSHA 10 is a 10 hour certification, and OSHA 30 is a 30 hour training.  For more information on OSHA Training and available courses, visit their website at

Written By: Brandon Adams, Energy Solutions Division Manager. Brandon is an expert in energy efficient solutions and energy savings programs.