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Car Light Car Bright

All the cars you see at night!

The lighting at a car dealership is akin to the lighting in a jewelry store. The product it’s illuminating is buffed, polished and then placed under a lighting system that is designed to make that product sparkle. Metal halide is a great choice for sparkling light in outdoor applications.

However not all metal halide is created equal.

The George Gee Automotive lot located near Spokane Washington, had the conventional metal halide floodlights commonly used for lot lighting at car dealerships. Excessive maintenance costs and rapid light depreciation were a constant frustration with the system. Many lights had become inoperable when the Firefly Lighting and Design team approached them with a Metrolight electronic metal halide lighting retro-fit solution. By working with their local electric utility partner Avista Utilities, installation partner OK Electric and supply partner North Coast Electric the Firefly team came up with a plan that exceeded everyone’s expectations for energy efficiency, light quality and reliability.

The results are…well…SPARKLING!

  • 66.5% reduction in energy consumption
  • $38,079 annual energy cost savings
  • 1.8 year project payback after utility rebates
  • Reduced maintenance cost from extended lamp life
  • Improved light quality
  • Carbon Footprint reduced by 340 tons of CO2 annually

You can see further details of the project in the case study here. If you’d like to know more about North Coast Energy Solutions just e-mail us at