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A Big Thank You to North Coast Seattle from Roxhill Elementary School!

Open House Dunk Tank Event $2,690!

The theme of NCE Seattle’s Open House this year was eco & charitable. Over 30 vendors shared their eco-friendly products and customers had the opportunity to see NCE’s new Nissan Leaf & completed solar powered charging station before the official unveiling. Customers, Vendors, and Associates also had the chance to help raise money for charity by testing their aim and throwing balls at a dunk tank raising $2,690 for school supplies for Roxhill Elementary School. NCE Seattle has three grads from Roxhill so it was rewarding for them to support their alma mater!

Special thank you to Leo Kunkle, Jeff Baechle, and Scott McGaugh for being good sports about getting wet in the dunk tank….and a big thank you to all the Customers, Vendors, and Associates working behind-the-scenes to make this a successful event.

Roxhill Elementary is a vibrant public school in the Southwest corner of Seattle, near White Center. Their student body reflects the diversity and cultures of their neighborhood. Some features of the school are:

  • Self-contained program for students with autism.
  • Transitional Kindergarten for students who need more support.
  • Before and after school academic clubs.
  • Team Read, an after school support program for readers in 2nd and 3rd grade.
  • Push-in support to general education classrooms for students who qualify for special education services.
  • Bi-lingual assistants supporting students in Spanish, Somali and Vietnamese.

THANK YOU Roxhill students for the cool picture you took for us outside of your school! Kudos to the staff for wrangling all the students together for the photo op!