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2016 Opportunities in the Cellular Industry

Over the last several years the Cellular Industry has grown in leaps and bounds with the addition of high-speed data and more advanced handsets. With the rapid pace the industry is expanding, there are several opportunities for contactors and distributors to benefit from this growth.

Here are a couple of examples:

For the cellular construction industry the year ahead should be a good one in terms of overall projects. The sudden explosion of growth has caused many if not the majority of the towers to become overloaded structurally. This is a problem for the carriers but projects growth for the contractors. Most of these towers will require structural upgrades and in some cases, complete replacement will be necessary.

After the structural upgrades are complete, the antennas and coax lines will require upgrading as well. Many may be converted to hybrid fiber cable as to reduce the overall tower loading and increase capacity for the network traffic. This is great news for customers as it prevents slowing down due to overloaded networks.

Overall, I believe it will be a banner year for all cellular industry trades. For more information about the Cellular Industry and Cellular Solutions, check out our website here. Good luck and have a great 2016!


Written By: Bruce Smith, Business Development Sales Specialist at North Coast Electric Company. Bruce Smith has been in the telecommunications construction and supply industry for 18+ years and he has held Construction Engineer positions with GTE Mobilnet and Verizon Wireless. For the past 6 years Bruce has been the Cellular Division Manager with North Coast Electric managing sales and procurement in 3 major markets for the Cellular Industry. Most recently Bruce has been added to the Business Development team at NCE to head up the 3PL and Cellular sales.