NCE Goes to the “GEMBA” with the Mini Kai Launch

North Coast Electric is committed to creating an unparalleled customer experience. We want to get everyone involved in thinking and participating in continuous improvement. So we’re going to the “Gemba”, the source of where the action occurs, to provide an opportunity for all Associates to engage in the quality process at a grass roots level. Read More “NCE Goes to the “GEMBA” with the Mini Kai Launch”

The Value of Training in Manufacturing

As an increasing number of manufacturers adopt smart-manufacturing systems, the demands on their employees change. Instead of physically making products, employees are now needed to monitor, install, and program machines that do the work for them. This smart-manufacturing model requires employees to fluidly learn new skills to adjust to their changing roles and improving technologies. Read More “The Value of Training in Manufacturing”

Hand and Glove

Personal Protective Equipment, commonly referred to as PPE, is equipment worn by a worker to minimize exposure to serious workplace injuries and even illness.  PPE can include safety glasses, gloves, shoes, hats, earplugs, coveralls, or full body suits.  Often at the bottom of the PPE checklist is gloves but selecting the correct glove is similar to picking the right tool for the job. Often times the “one size fits all” or “one glove for many tasks” is a mistake the worker pays for with an injury and potentially lost time in the field.  There are many types of gloves for different applications. The nature of the hazard should dictate the type of glove used.  OSHA provides a very useful resources on PPE as it relates to hand protection at: Read More “Hand and Glove”